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                        Random :3

mypussyislikecola: ❤ B e e m o ❤ :3oponok: Finally finished this - added another character and a few details. You’ll see this as a print at Boston Comic Con.

adventuretime-friends: Adventure Time Stuff   D:

the-amazing-metapod: I finally mastered the AT styleXD

paulonate: Shelby y Kent de Hora de aventura. :3

careydraws: I did a variant cover for Banana Guard Academy #2, which came out last week (whoops)! If you haven’t checked it out yet, it’s a sweet new miniseries that Mad Rupert's drawing and Kent Osborne & Dylan Haggerty are writing. Aimee Fleck's doing the main covers for the whole run, so I'm in good company :)

I did another cover for a later issue that I’ll post closer to the release date, too!   

R.I.P Chico cerveza de raíz :´c

Every Hero Needs an Adventure by Yiamme

marucos: PB

thisisthelasttimeichangemyurl: Marceline by Artgerm   :O

by Batsquatch

besttshirtsever: Neverending Adventure T-Shirt - $9.99 Adventure Time tee at Pop Up Tee

If you missed it at Pop Up Tee click here to see if there are any other options.

sotfalk    :3

fyeahadventuretime: Beard Time!

Source: http:/


whisperdan: inspiration for this came swiftly

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