sábado, 6 de diciembre de 2014

YEY! :3

Ahora voy a subir mas seguido, dos veces a la semana! :D porque ya no tengo que estudiar porque es verano en mi país y estoy de vacaciones!  (/^o^)/

Bueno aquí tienen algunas imágenes


So this was inspired by the tough princess’s in popular culture, it was originally suppose to be an entry into a welovefine contest.. but they accepted it and then a month later told me they couldn’t accept it anymore…  I get why they couldn’t put it up for rating with all the copyrighted characters, which i totally spaced out on when drawing. Yeah!
fin,adventure time | via Tumblr

Lumpy space princessKawaii  

                                            (16) Tumblr

(16) Tumblr

Clothes swapAsdg. ❤️YAOI!!! 😍xD

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